Fieldcrest Homes is Here for You

Like the way we help bring your dreams to reality, Fieldcrest Homes in Effingham was created on the foundation of a passionate pursuit for building quality homes.  Fueled by generations of experience in design, residential construction and development in the Effingham area, we remain committed to ensuring that each home is built to your unique specifications.        

At Fieldcrest Homes, we embrace the building community and are active members of national and Effingham area home builder associations.  We strongly value the relationships with our quality trade partners and collaborate with them on every project.  Fieldcrest Homes is proud to be an investor and volunteer for the Construction Trades Education Curriculum (CTEC); a unique program designed to develop the next generation of skilled craftsmen and women by providing high school seniors with a comprehensive understanding of the construction industry and preparing them for a fulfilling vocational career.  

Along with our commitments to quality and community of Effingham, Fieldcrest Homes strives to be a conscious steward of the environment through the implementation of energy efficient practices, products and materials on every project. 

The Team

Bryan Wenthe

Growing up in his family's lumber and material supply business, Bryan is a 4th generation industry veteran with over 35 years of experience across all areas of residential and commercial construction.  He has worked with some of the nation's largest and most innovative companies, holding positions in sales and project management.  With an eye for perfection in every detail throughout the building process, As founder and owner of Fieldcrest Homes, Bryan instills a unparalleled level of discipline to ensure that every Fieldcrest home is built to the highest standard.  Bryan currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Home Builders Association of Illinois and is actively involved at the local, state and national levels in advancing the construction industry.  He was instrumental in developing the Construction Trades Education Curriculum (CTEC) program, serving as its founding President and Chairman of the Board. Bryan earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Minor in Business Administration from Eastern Illinois University. 

Jason Wrone

As an entrepreneur, investor and venture capital and private equity fund manager, Jason has been involved with building and guiding companies from start-up through successful phases of growth and exits in excess of $1 billion.  Throughout his 25+ year professional career in business, Jason has worked for companies of all sizes, holding positions in sales, finance, operations and management.  As a founder and owner of Fieldcrest Homes with over 15 years of experience in residential construction, Jason utilizes his background in all areas to assist in guiding the company's strategic vision and business operations while also working with clients to help them through the construction process.  He has served on the Board of Directors for several companies and has held leadership roles in a variety of community organizations and activities.  Jason also has an Illinois Real Estate Managing Broker license.  He received an MBA from the University of Illinois with a concentration in Finance and Entrepreneurship and a dual degree Bachelor of Science in Finance and Marketing from Eastern Illinois University.  

Preferred Partners

When you choose Fieldcrest Homes as your builder, you can feel confident knowing that we partner with nationally recognized suppliers and build to the highest levels of quality by following the Illinois Quality Assurance Standards set forth by the Home Builders Association of Illinois.